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Hello, and thank you for visiting my website. I am a photographer and artist based in County Sligo, Ireland, where the abundance of natural beauty is a constant source of inspiration.  My family home is situated in South Sligo, near the Caves of Keash and Carrowkeel mountain, two incredible places to walk steeped in local history. 

I love to walk, cycle and swim in the ocean, this area is rich in mountains, seascapes and woodlands, where I get my daily infusion of clean fresh air, beauty, and exercise! My Canon 760D travels with me and I am always chasing light, poised to capture unusual and fleeting moments in time. The ordinary or bland doesn't demand my attention....I wait until the conditions present me with something unique, fluid, dynamic, ethereal or sublime.



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 Water fascinates me, as it expresses itself, ever moving, changing and flowing. There is something mesmerizing about the rhythmic fluctuations of reflections, ripples, waves, ice, frost and I am impelled to record these temporal designs and patterns of light that can evoke a feeling of tranquility. On the contrary the energy of raging storms and turbulent seas is invigorating, and drives me to capture the drama and ferocity along the coastline with my 300 ml lens and waterproofs. 

                                                                                 'Water pulls on me the way the moon pulls on it.

                                                                                                   Its just in my blood and bones.

                                                                                                   It makes me feel alive in a deep calm way.

                                                                                                   It sort of brings me in.'  (Rosenbaum L.)

I find getting up close with my macro lens can reveal the true intricacies of natural patterns and designs found in plant structures, ice formations, frogspawn, horses eyes, jellyfish, insects, rockpools, fossils and so on. 

Abandoned buildings and dwellings that can be found all over the country side also intrigue me, lost in time and reclaimed by nature. It is often as if the occupants have just left, with clothes, furniture and objects still in place, colourful paint peeling off the walls and doors, ivy growing through the windows and net curtains, a kettle hanging on the trivet in the fireplace, and matches on the window sill next to an old shopping list. 

I practice a light approach to post-processing, as I want to keep the integrity of the photographs as they were taken. I print my images on Hahnemuhle fine art paper, as the result is high quality, no shine, with a slight texture to the surface and a depth to the ink colours. 




I have displayed my work in group exhibitions , including

2022 - 2023  Bealtaine Solo Exhibition 'Solace' Markieviez House, Sligo

2019  Cairde Visual   The Model Arts Centre     Sligo

2018  Boyle Arts Festival Open Exhibition       Boyle

2018  'Rún' A5 Exhibition  The Hyde Bridge Gallery    Sligo

2017  Cairde Visual   The Model Arts Centre     Sligo

2017  The Christmas Open Exhibiton  The Dock   Carrick On Shannon

2017   A5 Exhibition     Galway Arts Centre     Galway


My work has also been displayed for sale in;

2018 Just Art It, Dominick Street, Galway,

2018 The Art Show, Rathcormack, Sligo 

2019 The New Art Gallery, Johnston's Court, Sligo

2019 Crafted Christmas market In Galway Arts Centre

Art Education

Honors Degree Fine Art , Sligo I.T. -2013

Certificate in the Principles of Art Therapy , Crawford College of Art  - 2014

Fetac 3 & 6 Digital Photography , Sligo  VEC. 2016

PLC Art and Design , Sligo V.E.C.- 2009

Foundation Art and Design, Oxford Polytechnic. -1989

Photography  A Level   The Henley College 1988

Art A Level     The Henley College 1988

Textiles A Level    The Henley College 1988

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